The Kannada Classic Plus Bible was released in CSI Rice Memorial Church, Bangalore this month. The Classic Bible has been printed in the famous Amity Press, Nanjing, China. Interestingly, this is the First Kannada Bible to be printed in China. Besides, the classic plus has several other special features such as

1. Imported Paper used
2. PL Vinyl Cover
3. Gilt Edge
4. Demy Size
5. With Presentation Page
6. Red Letter Edition
8. Helpline for the Readers
9. Pictorial Information – 8 pages
a. Birds in the Bible
b. Animals in the Bible [2 pages] c. Fruits in the Bible
d. Musical Instruments of the Bible e. Plants in the Bible
f. Tools in the Bible
g. Insects of the Bible
10.Colour Maps – 8 maps

The classic Bible is available at the BSI Karnataka Auxiliary and The Book Room. For more information contact and